A Year Since Comic Hero.

It has been a year since a Comic Hero manifested into my creative process.??

Since that time, I have carried mascara throughout Europe travels as an apendage. At times the mascara sneaks out of my recycled rubber bag, attaching itself to those around. Instantly their Mexican fantasies go wild. They transform themselves into hyper-Mexicans,??exaggerating every aspect of emotion and body. It is exciting. It is cathartic.??It??exorcistic.


The mascara appears to be surreal in everyday, but it is not different than other social blankets we place over ourselves. Still, masks have never become part of our everyday existence. I refuse to accept that it is because it is tacky. Wearing mask would grant us permission to lose our inhibition. We would hurl each other across streets. Punch and scream. Drool from our mouths. This??spectacality, when spelled out, does not sound much more different than what we already do without masks.??


Go ahead, let your desires out!



The desire continues to grow.??


??A solitary figure that felt conscripted to decide between two cultures, no longer sees the binary division.??