Research Banditos. Academic Culture Jamming

Practitioners in the??practice as research field,??aka academia culture jammers, will have to work twice as hard to be twice as good. There is no manifesto out there that I am aware of, unless you can call a Baz Kershaw fearless leader. We are trying to vindicate research-led??practice??and also calling traditional scholars to jump into practice-led research.??


"There are seven months and ten days until the dissertation is due. This gross estimate will be used to break down a work plan. If 30,000 words is the academic requirement, tehn I have to generate 5,000 words per month. This will yield the required word amount by Nov 19th. However, the first draft is due Nov 7th. As of two days ago, I have to produce 5,000 words in the following month. This is in addition to figure out the logistics of organizing the workshops will be part of the research. Not to mention the transcription, data-analysis and critical reflections."??


James Brown, wisely proclaimed, "Get on the good foot and do the bad thing."??