Remnants of MoFo at the Leo.


Movement Forum took all of attendants of the Leo's Dance and Science Night to broken down and altered heights of time and exploration. But do not assume that I am talking "time" in the literal sense- they did not wear 1920's flapper dresses.??Amy Caron's algae installation served as the ideal backdrop for an exciting evening of pure time and movement. MoFo has over the past years refined dancer and company skills of their improvisations to provide a??unique??aesthetic and mode of engagement. Their work requires equal audience-collaborator dialogue; it moves beyond ordinary passive dance consumerism and alienating abstractions of thought throug movement. Japanese artist On Kawara's One Million Years would one day serve as a great complement to the production of this company's work. Almost as if??preceding??the slow food and other " downshifting" movements, MoFo takes the time to explain the process of creation while it is occurring. However, they don't assume that their audiences need knowing or to be educated about dance. They channel equal knowledge exchange. Not shying away from admitting to technical error or dancer misunderstandings, Movement Forum attempts to explain how dance works or doesn't work. Looking beyond, but not excluding dance symbolic-metaphor??relationships, their renderings are??associative??processes of movement components. Most importantly, they??emancipate the dance performance process. Jacques Ranci??re, theez guyz can haz??emancipation! Which is very appropriate, given the aim of The Leonardo. The Leo as an institution/museum would benefit from keeping these guys around, providing them with a movement lab and hold regular workshops!??