Emerging, Traceable Ideas


The winds carries these elements from one idea to the next. I stand momentarily to consider the beginning of this project. The last several episodes of idea development have only led to introspection. I long for sitting under a mesquite tree, scratching my head to raise questions about developing practical exercises related to migration and movement. I toggle between encouraging possible participants between full blown “dance” movement and just facilitating participant gestures.  


“I am stuck consider the role that the shoes will play in the workshop. how will i be able to incorporate ideas about feet into a conversation about traveling? there is certainly a strong connection. i can talk about how we use shoes. we arrive places in shoes, but we often neglect to inspect them or consider how they regularly contribute our lives. even more, we stop thinking about what it was like being barefoot…”



Sifting further through a wasteland of ideas, I also come across USC’s Spatial Sciences Lab. They are dedicated to promoting spatial thinking. 



The ideas are starting to be plotted. I recognize them a atributes in my process, however, I have yet to really ‘fee’ the “connect-ness” between them. I use connecteness to highlight the type of palpable essence that is felt when one makes a connection. One of the most basic examples of this palpability the equation “2 + 2 = 4” It takes a level of experience to develop the knowledge of that this formula means. Nonetheless, once you know the process of this formulation, any time you see it, “it” makes sense. For my choreographic process, a similar formulation occurs. I usually begin with a “hunch”, a part part of the formula. The adding, or process of development then unfolds as I begin to position other (un)related elements together. The result is something recognizable that is its on encapsulated element, yet is interdependent on its preceding parts. 


Now I am at the crux; that unavoidable threshold of the creative process. 



I look for clarity in a muddled process, but only come up with mole and beautifully decorated plates.