Soundscore Dev on Saturday: Sound and Memory


"Earl Shorris describes a Mexico as aplace always at a cross-roads. While I cant generalize, looking at my local context, I can ascertain that young and old people alike, are constantly listening – no, blaring nostalgia-indusing rhythms. The most efficacious at producing these feelings are cumbia and corridos. Music is an integral aspect of La Estacion. Cellphones ??with built in speakers are always on the highest decibel. A neighbor can almost always be heard singing along with yesteryear's radio hit. The dogs are voicetrous, yet docile. ??Megaphone-equipped trucks drive on dusty roads two-miles an hour so everyone can hear, " Traemos toda la calidad???La Michoacana. La paleteria de la familia." Additionally on Saturday mornings, the rural scene, is bombarded with SoniGas jingles. They wake the late sleepers.??

Sound and memory go hand in hand in this colonia. Auditory inflections reverberate, producing a visceral sonicscape. All sound, at maximum, almost always, except when there is silence during mid-day siestas." -Current research.