#Unlisted Development D??a Dos

Six bodies enter the vacant enclosed space. Adjoining residencies from four directions, the patio waits patiently for company.??The durable, concrete surface contrasts the fleeting and temporary social interactions of the building's inhabitants.??We begin to interact with it and not with each other. Window curtains close sporadically, clothes hangers are rolled in so that clothes are collected and??cigarro??smoke becomes visible from a voyeur resident. Beginning to explore the space, I climb stairs to perch on the windows. Making paper airplanes from found cigaret boxes, I observe my counterpart bodies walking on cement cracks and slapping the walls rhythmically. I take a sip of voda ( water) and then pour it on the clear plastic wrap that once encased the cigaret box. Two stories above a green door covering, I reach my left hand and pour the small amount of water in the translucent encasing on the fiberglass safeguard that keeps the first steps into one of the stair cases dry.??Closing my ears to see the action below me muted, my breathing becomes pronounced. My lungs heave as the bodies activate the space. I contemplate their- no, our intrusion in the space. I descend the stairs and take note of the sounds my tennis shoes produce.??

I slowly test the relation of body to body and body to space. Reacting to the other bodies in space, I move opposite to where they move. I follow passing bodies coming through the courtyard. Following the direction of their temporary trajectory, I mimic their walk. At times, I fall immediately to the floor to abruptly break the immaterial ligature between the two of us.??

I create sounds with fixed objects in space. Lifting and dropping a broken brick I listen for the moment of impact. Raising the drain guard in the center of the patio, I peek inside the insignificant exit tunnel. Sliding its heavy covering across the??concrete produces a jarring reverberation. Dragging the cover twice, I return it to its rightful position. I then position my forearms in preparation for a headstand. Paralleling the standing bottle, from which I also poured water into the drain, my legs stay up right. Blood rushes to my head. I compete against gravity, just the like building. Upon close inspection of the floor, in my upside down position, remnants from our clandestine midnight gathering slowly come into focus.??