Performance at the Walker Art Center!

Did you miss Choreographer’s Evening? Are you not living in Minneapolis? Thanks to the wonderful videographers at the Walker Art Center, I now have documentation of Cacartels, Cacaffeine, Cucumbia. This is the latest work-in-progress.

Cacarterls, Cacaffeine, Cucumbia is a fragmented dance-theatre solo performance. In the first half, I experiment by breaking down Mexican social dance idioms and music. The second half is a fast-paced, lamenting monolog about the intimate aspects of the Mexico-US relationship.

This performance was selected as part of the 2013 Choreographer’s Evening curated show at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This particular piece is dedicated to: Walking Theory(TkH), based in Belgrade, Serbia; Svetlana Boym and her contribution of the offmodern concept; and my cousin, Juanito, who committed suicide last July the night before my return-flight to Mexico.

The seeds for the concept were planted during a showing at the work-in-progress series Mudson, Spring of 2011; the initial idea was called Future Step/Paso. Thematically it dealt with the admixture of movement and music of Latino America. While some of the music structure and movement qualities remained the same, the overall textures and themes of the work changed drastically.