Image Gallery

Focusing on Process

Online image galleries have been reeled into the consumerist cognitive capital model. There is much to offer in terms of experience, but it is extremely burdensome to relay the work that has been done without trying to curate an aestheticized experience for an online experience that is outside of the boundaries of spectacle and “Gaga-esque” framing. Instead of promotional image galleries of projects that I have completed, I offer you intimate snapshots of people, processes, and things I’ve photographed in different countries that (try to) capture the processes that inspire and compel me to work and do this thing called performance practice. In the captured moments, I invite you to dwell and be corporeally occupied by the processes of nostalgia, labor, migration, absence, and dead-ends.

A man nostalgically sings as school children on a school trip listen on in Guanajuato, Mexico.

A sunset peeks into death in Paris, France.

Family pictures of missing and absent loved ones cover the span of several blocks in Prishtina, Kosovo.

A bicycle and a motorcycle reach a dead-end in rural San Pacho, Mexico.

An old-man peels and prepares “tunas” [cactus fruits] in San Juan de los Lagos, Mexico.