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Dancing Again: My Body After a Near-Death Experience– InDance Magazine Feature

My reflection about the two previous years of rehabilitation after a near-death experience.

REST/UNREST: Latina/o/x choreographers provide community and craft to strategize, recover, and resist.

Article by Liz Duran Boubion and Juan Manuel Aldape InDance Magazine

REST/UNREST: Latina/o/x choreographers provide community and craft to strategize, recover, and resist.

Review of Curated Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers

Daily Californian, 2017

 Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz in conversation with dance studies scholar Sima Belmar. On Migration and Movement

Sima Belmar interviews Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz

Read Interview: Interview with Sima Belmar

Language and migration in Cinco Palmas (Review)

Read Kumars Salehi’s review of Cinco Palmas ( a work-in-progress)–{ Read

Poetry and Politics Performance Review by Katherine Orloff

‘As part of the 2015 Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers (¡FLACC!), festival organizers presented a free panel discussion a week prior to the performances.  Hosted by the Center for Art and Social Justice at the California Institute for Integral Studies, the panel brought together five of the seven ¡FLACC! choreographers who discussed their creative processes, dominant themes in their work, and the importance of ¡FLACC! – the only annual festival of its kind on the West Coast that celebrates contemporary choreographers of the Latino/a Diaspora.  In the discussion’s closing statement, ¡FLACC! Artistic Director Liz Boubion remarked that the festival is simply about supporting Latinos and good contemporary dance work.  While the festival is indeed driven by these notions of community and innovative work, ¡FLACC! inevitably runs much deeper than these motivating forces.”

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Slug Magazine Comments in PMP

Listen to Slug magazine interview Ashely Anderson about Performance Mapping Project. –{ Listen to Podcast

Efren Corado’s review on Performance Mapping Project

Read Efren Corado’s reviews about the Arrivals/Departures exhibition—going on from Jan-March 2013. –{ Read Article

Deseret News: Award-Winning Story

Read Tania Navaro’s full coverage—for which she won an award for about Juan Manuel’s upcoming endeavours. –{ Dancing toward a dream: Juan Aldape’s goal is to start his own company after a year of moving through Europe

Norman García, for Salt Lake Tribune, interviews Juan

Norman covers the details of Juan’s dance trajoectory and upcoming dance projects. –{ Read Expresión corporal, estética de una danza

Salt Lake Tribune cover of Comic Hero of Two Cultures

Alicia Greenleigh preview of “What Type Are You?” Co-produced and co-organized with Sofia Gordor. –{ Read Article

Review of Comic Hero of Two Cultures

Sam Hanson steps into the Urban Lounge, as part of the 5 Days New project, to write about the “James Dean of dance”. –{ Read Review

Catalyst review of joint production, The Grey Area, with Molly Heller

Amy Brunard spends some time to uncover the working of JuMo Dance and gives an insightful review of the process of the colaborating duo. –{ Read Article


Alex Ortega covers loveDancemore’s DIY style of programming, exposing new trends in dance ecosystem. –{ Read Article

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