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Performance/Process in the community La Estación and the plaza of Irapuato

At the heart of the project, and the event to provide the compositional framework from which to develop the research, was originating a choreographic performance in La Estación. While the realization of the performance Los Tres Peligros occurred on the 8th and 9th September, 2012, it is of great import to know the actual arrangements and contours of the production were not defined in the beginning80The trajectory of the production was based on the developmental understanding or sense of the potentiality of the project as interviews, environmental explorations and embodied workshop information was gathered. An adaptable choreographic process was chosen so that the methods and the production itself were flexible.

About Smashing Dzine

The potential elements and qualities of the choreographing process of Los Tres Peligros were seen as unfolding multi-relational sets of activities interconnected by pre-articulated, articulated and post-articulated contexts. Having a creative ecology enabled the possibility to organize, with the assistance of performance artist Carol Borja, a happening in the city Irapuato, Guanajuato. Situated one-and-half hours from San Francisco del Rincón, Irapuato’s Plaza de Hidalgo served as the context in which initial community interviews from La Estación were coupled with improvisational movement sequences. Taking place on the 8th of August, the intervening micro-social act involved walking around the main open public square and asking the passerby if they wanted to hear a story.

Intervention in Irapuato