*A community of dance practitioners and researchers, sharing the places they explore and promoting a new way to think about the space around us.

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DanceCloud seeks to explore and document the relationship we construct with the physical world through the whole of the body. Consider the possibility of searching the web for information on a city and as a result getting human bodies exploring and performing in those spaces. By utilizing the creative potential of online search engines and maps, we can understand not just what is in space, but how it is experienced.

This body-centered mapping project is dedicated to, in successive order, 1) exploring new spaces through the whole of the body 2) documenting the encounter between space and body in audio-visual format and 3) using the specific aesthetic of screendance coupled with the utility of GIS to orient the viewer in time, space and with specific textures.

DanceCloud is a collaboration with Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) expert Dr. Edward Pultar and Cultural Anthropologist Melissa Aldape. Edward’s knowledge in maps and digital technology laid the foundation for this very project to be realized. Melissa’s solid understanding of people and performance gave valuable insight into the direction and potential of this project.

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