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Emerging, Traceable Ideas


The winds carries these elements from one idea to the next. I stand momentarily to consider the beginning of this project. The last several episodes of idea development have only led to introspection. I long for sitting under a mesquite tree, scratching my head to raise questions about developing practical exercises related to migration and movement. I toggle between encouraging possible participants between full blown “dance” movement and just facilitating participant gestures.  


“I am stuck consider the role that the shoes will play in the workshop. how will i be able to incorporate ideas about feet into a conversation about traveling? there is certainly a strong connection. i can talk about how we use shoes. we arrive places in shoes, but we often neglect to inspect them or consider how they regularly contribute our lives. even more, we stop thinking about what it was like being barefoot…”



Sifting further through a wasteland of ideas, I also come across USC’s Spatial Sciences Lab. They are dedicated to promoting spatial thinking. 



The ideas are starting to be plotted. I recognize them a atributes in my process, however, I have yet to really ‘fee’ the “connect-ness” between them. I use connecteness to highlight the type of palpable essence that is felt when one makes a connection. One of the most basic examples of this palpability the equation “2 + 2 = 4” It takes a level of experience to develop the knowledge of that this formula means. Nonetheless, once you know the process of this formulation, any time you see it, “it” makes sense. For my choreographic process, a similar formulation occurs. I usually begin with a “hunch”, a part part of the formula. The adding, or process of development then unfolds as I begin to position other (un)related elements together. The result is something recognizable that is its on encapsulated element, yet is interdependent on its preceding parts. 


Now I am at the crux; that unavoidable threshold of the creative process. 



I look for clarity in a muddled process, but only come up with mole and beautifully decorated plates.







Remnants of MoFo at the Leo.


Movement Forum took all of attendants of the Leo's Dance and Science Night to broken down and altered heights of time and exploration. But do not assume that I am talking "time" in the literal sense- they did not wear 1920's flapper dresses.??Amy Caron's algae installation served as the ideal backdrop for an exciting evening of pure time and movement. MoFo has over the past years refined dancer and company skills of their improvisations to provide a??unique??aesthetic and mode of engagement. Their work requires equal audience-collaborator dialogue; it moves beyond ordinary passive dance consumerism and alienating abstractions of thought throug movement. Japanese artist On Kawara's One Million Years would one day serve as a great complement to the production of this company's work. Almost as if??preceding??the slow food and other " downshifting" movements, MoFo takes the time to explain the process of creation while it is occurring. However, they don't assume that their audiences need knowing or to be educated about dance. They channel equal knowledge exchange. Not shying away from admitting to technical error or dancer misunderstandings, Movement Forum attempts to explain how dance works or doesn't work. Looking beyond, but not excluding dance symbolic-metaphor??relationships, their renderings are??associative??processes of movement components. Most importantly, they??emancipate the dance performance process. Jacques Ranci??re, theez guyz can haz??emancipation! Which is very appropriate, given the aim of The Leonardo. The Leo as an institution/museum would benefit from keeping these guys around, providing them with a movement lab and hold regular workshops!??





Impromptu Guest Collaborator with Movement Forum (aka MoFo)

The stunning Wasatch Mountains declare attention. Their sharp magnitude serve as backdrop to process-centric group, Movement Forum. This collective will be celebrating a decade of dedicated work to exposing “audiences to a unique process where artistic integrity is maintained while making split-second decisions.… The company utilizes contemporary and classical dance forms while tapping into the street-savvy energy behind current urban movement forms, to investigate improvisation as a powerful art form.” They are in-house dance residents at The Leonardo. “The Leonardo is a contemporary museum that explores the unexpected ways that science, technology, art, and creativity connect.” 


They have invited me to collaborate for an upcoming movement gallery as part of the Leo’s “Dance: The Art & Science” occuring on July 27. Be there! 


Find out more information about MoFo.

Sketching Ideas

June rain storms soften the soil and shoes are revealed everywhere. A city defined by shoes- San Pancho.??


I go on my regular bike-ride to take inventory of the land. I notice that a patch of open field is now more open than before. It has been cleared of shrubs.??


Taking time through out the to perform practical tasks helps orient my research to a type of??aestheticity??of functionality. Meaning, discovering how to unearth at what point physical labor ??becomes a performative act.??


Bodies becoming nations or how I’m still learning to be from the United States in an illusionary transnational context while still enjoying tacos

Gomez Pena dubs himself as post-Mexican. I however see nothing appealing about this self-asserted, post-colonial branding. It is hard to imagine that all of the bodies that flock the camiones and take twelve-hour bus rides to US consulates are salivating for such designation; they want to be labeled legal permanent resident. I get it Gomez Pena, we need to decolonize the body to think beyond border identities. But carnal, the endless lines suggest otherwise. I am sure you have seen it you know The Second Wave, La Segunda Ola.  I see nothing but bodies becoming nations.





Latinos as one of the “richest” markets. There’s an entire text about how to target us!??See Hispanic Marketing 2nd Edition. In general, Latinos want into that part of ‘America’ that is still left, but also the other side wants in too. Mel Gibson is working with Banda Machos! Yes the US a bit torn down and going through its I-have-no-job-and-have-a-credit-card-bill nineteen year old phase. Don’t worry though, Latinos will come in wearing cowboy hats and boots, take up all of the mini-malls and build up large small and medium size markets, you know those “mom and pop” shops that all politicians claim we need so much.??


Waiting for the Bus to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Waiting for the Bus to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to become legal permanent resident.
Waiting for the Bus to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to become legal permanent resident.



I am here, one of them! Forking over muchisima plata for acceptance. Allowing the endless wait time to get to information desks to confirm I wont get a surprise at the time of the interview. Double checking, triple checking. I engage in conversation with other paisanos while we wait. Today I felt like a veteran. I got the chance to provide information to immigration newbies. Being that this is my second time in Juarez, you pick up a thing or two. All of this information, informally, helps, but formally confuses at the same time. People talk and give each other feedback, however, each case is unique so advice can only be taken with a grain of salt. Still, people talk and commiserate. “Quiren puro dinero!,” the young man in front says scoffingly. He has been here for two months. Running back and forth between DHL office and this very information desk. His documents has been lost somewhere in between. Limbo! He cant leave Ciudad Juarez until the documents are found.??


Bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico next to the place where people become legal permanent residents.
Bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.



Don’t get me wrong , Juarez is not dangerous. It’s just expensive!??


Window from Hotel in Ciudad Juarez where people sleep and become legal permanent residents.
Window from Hotel in Ciudad Juarez


So here you have it folks: a performance unfolding before your eyes. One body becoming a nation. Consuming the immateriality of??nationality.


Desert plants next to Medical Center in Ciudad Juarez that people pass to become legal permanent residents.
Desert plants next to Medical Center in Ciudad Juarez.



Bonafont agua?? is refreshing. It keeps my hydrated as I make my way through cherished small pueblos. Tepatlit??n, your bandas fill squares and blast across cactus deserts. When will we have time to work?! Vivaaerobus says it’s a fiesta all the time.??


Bus ride to Guadalara.
Bus ride to Guadalara.


Matching is fun.




Is orange the color of hope.




And yet another unexpected serendipitous color match .??




Mexico, you and Lady Liberty make a great couple. You should ask her out some time.??

Research Banditos. Academic Culture Jamming

Practitioners in the??practice as research field,??aka academia culture jammers, will have to work twice as hard to be twice as good. There is no manifesto out there that I am aware of, unless you can call a Baz Kershaw fearless leader. We are trying to vindicate research-led??practice??and also calling traditional scholars to jump into practice-led research.??


"There are seven months and ten days until the dissertation is due. This gross estimate will be used to break down a work plan. If 30,000 words is the academic requirement, tehn I have to generate 5,000 words per month. This will yield the required word amount by Nov 19th. However, the first draft is due Nov 7th. As of two days ago, I have to produce 5,000 words in the following month. This is in addition to figure out the logistics of organizing the workshops will be part of the research. Not to mention the transcription, data-analysis and critical reflections."??


James Brown, wisely proclaimed, "Get on the good foot and do the bad thing."??


A Year Since Comic Hero.

It has been a year since a Comic Hero manifested into my creative process.??

Since that time, I have carried mascara throughout Europe travels as an apendage. At times the mascara sneaks out of my recycled rubber bag, attaching itself to those around. Instantly their Mexican fantasies go wild. They transform themselves into hyper-Mexicans,??exaggerating every aspect of emotion and body. It is exciting. It is cathartic.??It??exorcistic.


The mascara appears to be surreal in everyday, but it is not different than other social blankets we place over ourselves. Still, masks have never become part of our everyday existence. I refuse to accept that it is because it is tacky. Wearing mask would grant us permission to lose our inhibition. We would hurl each other across streets. Punch and scream. Drool from our mouths. This??spectacality, when spelled out, does not sound much more different than what we already do without masks.??


Go ahead, let your desires out!



The desire continues to grow.??


??A solitary figure that felt conscripted to decide between two cultures, no longer sees the binary division.??

Objective/Subjective Friday Night Research Development

Currently, the Share Con??effervescence??permeates across Belgrade. Meanwhile, I sit at the rectorate developing a more concise and clear dissertation proposal.??



The refinement process of research is akin to that??sharpening??that occurs in dance practices. A type of objective observational analysis of the work has to made, but at the same one has to engage in critical self-reflection to see if the process is where one wants it to go, to consider the subjectivity that is always present in creative??practices.??